Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is Your Color of Money?

How would you like to know -- at a glance -- whether your agenda for the day is setting you up for success, productivity, and profits?

Well, you can. It's dead simple, really.

All you need to do is color-code agenda items 2 ways: low-profit activities and high-profit activities. In my case, those colors are red and green, respectively.

Based on my 80/20 Marketing principles, which hold that the fastest way to success is to do more of what makes you money in the time you now waste doing what doesn't, I try to fill every day with high-profit GREEN activities.

That way, I can see -- instantly -- if I'm on track for a profitable day.

Take a look at the example screenshot from my Google Calendar page below ...

Names and details have been blocked out to protect the innocent, but you can quickly see what a profitable day looks like -- the more green activity, the better.

As you can see, my high-value activities include:
  • writing and testing landing pages
  • revising and creating web pages
  • following up to close sales with prospects
  • writing sales copy for the projects I've sold
  • meeting prospects and referral partners

Conversely, low-value, low-profit activities are colored red on my daily schedule. The fewer of those, the better. My low-value activities include:
  • phone calls to discuss subjects I should have finalized before
  • administrivia -- bill paying and the like (outsourced 80% already!)
  • checking email
You might want to give this idea a try tomorrow, and color-code your agenda two ways. Let me know what you choose as your color of money in the comments section below.

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