Thursday, February 2, 2012

Branding in Your Brain

Along with the words on your web site, your prices, the message on your voice mail greeting, and other branding elements, every thought in your head must support the business you want to create.

All you need is one good idea to make a million bucks. But you can't build a million-dollar business with 50-cent thoughts.

Example: Would the head of a $1-million business flit from email, to Twitter, to LinkedIn, back to Twitter, then answer the phone ... and expect to get anything done?


Because, not only do you lose time changing gears switching from activity to activity, you lose focus. And focused thinking is the mortar that holds your day together.

To build a million-dollar business, think million-dollar thoughts. That's the only way to motivate yourself to take million-dollar action.

Test: Before leaving this blog and heading to, Facebook, or to check your email for the 11th time today, ask yourself: "Would a $1-million person do this?"

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