Monday, February 20, 2012

The Money-Back Guarantee: Kill or Cure?

Guess which 5 words on that box of lasagna caused my wife to buy it?

Right. The guarantee: Love It Or It's Free!

(By the way, we did love it.)

But we never would have found out if the maker hadn't removed the risk of trying this new product by guaranteeing we would love it, or not have to pay.

So, here's the lesson for your business: A strong money-back guarantee is an accelerant that works in one of two ways ...

1) A strong guarantee can work like gasoline, if your business sells crap and/or treats clients poorly. The more people who buy and tell their friends about your crappy business, the faster it burns to the ground.

Or ...

2) A guarantee can work like steroids, if your business sells cool stuff and/or treats clients like royalty. The more people who buy and tell their friends about your remarkable business, the faster it grows.

Bottom line: If you're any good at what you do, a strong guarantee can accelerate your sales ... and you can enjoy bucket-loads of new profits.

If you're not, it won't ... and you can't.

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