Monday, February 6, 2012

It Works! Let's Stop Doing It

The exciting quest for new marketing methods can bankrupt you.

How? Two ways:

1) Chasing the flavor of the month (Facebook ads! LinkedIn ads! Facebook fan pages!) can stretch your time and money to the breaking point. You know this.

2) Chasing new marketing methods can result in costly amnesia. You may not know this.

Case in point? Me.

After analyzing my revenue for last month, then comparing it to last year, I realized that, around August 2011, I stopped attending weekly meetings of a local business group that had brought me 3 excellent clients and another half dozen referral partners.

Why did I stop doing it?

I simply got bored, forgot about it, and moved on to other shiny new marketing tactics. In other words, I had no good reason to drop this proven tactic and chase unproven ones.

So, tomorrow morning, I will visit that group again and make enough connections to get at least one new client. And I will do the same next week.

Question: Looking back at the last 12 months, what was working in your marketing that you stopped doing, for no good reason?

I'll bet you lunch there's at least one profitable business-building tactic that lies forgotten in your calendar, like a mummy buried in sand.

Find it. Dig it up. And don't stop doing it until it stops paying you back.

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