Saturday, February 11, 2012

Attract Ideal Clients with this Instant Copywriting Trick

As a copywriter, it's my job to describe my clients' products or services in clear language that compels people to buy.

Want to learn one of my tricks to writing ads that sell?

It's almost embarrassingly simple ...

You can use it to improve your own sales letters, web page copy, email promotions, postcards, etc.

It's this: Let your clients write your next ad.

In other words, get and use as many testimonials as possible.

When you use testimonials -- written, audio, and/or video -- you are talking to prospects in the actual, unfiltered words of your best clients. This builds rapport and trust with your ideal prospects. Because you're speaking their language. Not techno babble or marketing-speak, but the language of people who have already given you money.


How do you get great testimonials, without hiring somebody like me to interview your clients?

Do these three things: listen, write, ask.

Specifically ...

1) Listen for signs that your clients love what you do.
Any time a client compliments you in any way, your ears should perk up like a dog hearing the UPS truck. This is your cue to ...

2) Write down what your client said, word for word, as best you can -- right away.
Then ...

3) Ask if you could use their comments in your marketing materials.
"Jeanne, thanks for saying that. I really appreciate it. Would you be willing to let me use your comments, with your name and city, on my web site and other marketing materials? It would mean a lot to me. And it would tell others what to expect when doing business with me."

Nine out of 10 times, your client will agree to let you use their testimonial. Just email their comments to them, along with this note, which often prompts them to add more to their testimonial:

"Jeanne, thanks again for agreeing to let me use your kind words about my business. Below is what I think I heard you say on the phone today. Would you please add to or subtract from it until it says exactly what you want it to say, then send it back to me? Thank you!"

To show you what the results can look like, here's a testimonial that I first heard myself saying about someone I do business with, my printer. I wrote it down, sent it to him, and now we both feel good:

"Jim Beckman at Full Throttle Print has been my go-to printer for nearly a year now. He never ceases to amaze me with the service and quality I get from him, at a price that’s comparable to what I used to pay at FedEx Kinko’s. He’s fast, he’s good, he’s dependable, and a great value. As long as Jim is in the printing business, he will get all of my printing business."

- Kevin Donlin, Client Cloning Systems, Edina, MN

Here's part of why that short testimonial packs a lot of punch: when I say Jim's printing services are "... at a price that’s comparable to what I used to pay at FedEx Kinko’s," I'm talking directly to Jim's prospects, most of whom have used FedEx Kinko's.

Jim, being a professional printer, never uses FedEx Kinko’s. He would have never thought to say that. But for me, a small business owner (and his ideal client) it's a natural thing to say.

My comments help Jim build rapport and trust with other small business owners like me -- Jim's ideal clients. Imagine what 5-6 testimonials like that could do for your business?

To attract more clients like your best clients with testimonials, just do these three things: listen, write, ask.

Bio: Kevin Donlin can help you grow your business and enjoy the breakthrough results your hard work deserves. If you're interested in boosting your revenues and profits, please click here.

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