Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Get Paid Twice by Your Clients

What if you could get paid twice every time you did something for your clients?

Would you do that thing?

Well, here's the thing: thank them for doing business with you.

In writing. By mail.

Because an emailed "thank you" has about the same effect on your clients as an emailed birthday greeting would have on your mom.

Now. Here's how your clients will pay you twice:
  1. Re-orders
  2. Referrals
People re-order from businesses they like. And we tend to like those who acknowledge us. A thank-you note by mail is a rare and powerful acknowledgment. (When's the last time you got one from a business? See?)

Also, people refer businesses they like to their friends. We don't refer jerks to our friends. Or our friends won't remain our friends for long.

Start thanking your clients by mail today, and reap the double payback tomorrow.

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