Thursday, July 15, 2010

Membership Has Its Privileges

It's a basic human need: We want to belong to something bigger than ourselves.

A family. A gang. A team. A club.

The desire to belong -- to be a member -- tugs at our hearts like a tractor beam.

Smart businesses know this and use the pull of membership.

The Futurist sells a magazine subscription disguised as membership.

AARP sells insurance disguised as membership.

American Express sells a credit card disguised as membership.

In competition with other insurance firms, magazine publishers, and credit card companies, AARP, The Futurist, and American Express have a distinct advantage: They changed the rules. They differentiated.

Instead of selling commodities, they sell membership. And they face less competition as a result.

Question: How can you create a feeling of membership in your business?

What can you say or do for your clients this month that would make them feel like members? You'll get fewer defections, more back-end sales, and more referrals when you do.

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