Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Your Business Remarkable?

Although I focus on growing your business from the inside, by optimizing your current marketing and mining your client list for repeat and referral sales, I recognize that you do have to advertise.

Over the years, I've forked over a lot of money on advertising, much of it on pay-per-click ads on search engines.

Yet, despite spending six figures on both Yahoo and Google, only one of them has treated me special.

Guess which one?
Google sent me this refrigerator about 4 years ago, after I spent my first $100,000 on AdWords.

Since then, I've received other Google goodies, like a digital photo frame, a key chain, water bottle, etc.

From Yahoo? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Now. Which company is more remarkable in your mind, Yahoo or Google?

Remarkable companies do remarkable things for their clients. Like Google.

So: What remarkable things have you done lately for your clients? 

You'll know it when they call to thank you. Or when they refer their friends to your business. Or write about you on their blogs.

Hint: In a world in which client recognition is almost non-existent, it isn't that hard to stand out. You certainly don't have to send refrigerators to your clients. You can start by saying thank you.

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