Monday, December 16, 2013

A Millionaire in Money is Nothing Compared to This: How to Grow Your Business With Gratitude (Day 6 of 15)

Here's a change of pace for you -- a combination Christmas/thank-you card to my good friend, Jim Bear.

Bonus: You get to see Jim's card before he does. But I don't think he'll mind :-)

As I wrote in the card, Jim's given me a bunch of great ideas and support this past year. Specifically, his referral partners idea has been worth upwards of $80,000 to me in the past 18 or so months. That's at least how much new business I've brought in via referrals thanks to what I learned from Jim.

So, really, sending Jim a Christmas card is the least I could do to show my appreciation.

As William H. Danforth wrote in I Dare You:  
A millionaire in money is nothing compared to being a millionaire in friends, and everyone can be this, provided you keep these friends when you make them. And thoughtfulness in little things is the best way I know to keep them.
I've made several millions in money over the years, but the real riches come from having friends like Jim.

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