Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thank You For The Challenge: How to Grow Your Business With Gratitude (Day 4 of 15)

I remember college (most of it, anyway).

Before enrolling and choosing my classes as a freshman at Michigan State, I was recruited for the Honors College. (It had something with my fluky PSAT score and NOTHING to do with my high school GPA).

And I remember a very short conversation that went like this ...
Me: "Is there more homework in the Honors College?"
Honors Student: "Well, we like to challenge ourselves. We work harder and we get better."
Me: "So, to confirm, there IS more homework?
Honors Student: "Of course."
Me: "No, thanks."
To this day, I regret that immature decision to skip the Honors College. Yes, I managed to get an excellent education. But I can't help wondering what might have been if had only challenged myself more ...

Which brings us to today's topic: Challenge.

As you may have figured out, I am now a fan of challenges -- mental, physical, all kinds.

And that led me to write the thank-you note that I mailed today. Take a look ...

Tim is one of my favorite clients because he's such a master implementer. He gets an idea at breakfast and has me writing a sales letter to promote it by lunch. 

Today, after a particularly challenging letter (that I wrote in about an hour of frenzied activity), I wanted to thank him for forcing my brain to stretch in new directions. I'm a better writer now than I was yesterday as a result of Tim, and I hope he will be a little more profitable tomorrow as a result of working with me.

Either way, this is a perfect occasion to say (and mail), "Thank you."

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