Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Clone Your Best Clients

This morning, I met with the owner of a home construction firm that's going through a rough patch.

His company needs more revenue, but he's finding it hard to win new business.

Sound familiar?

One of the questions I asked him was, "Have you ever called your best clients to ask them why they bought from you?"

"No," he replied.

I suggested to him -- and now, to you -- there are two reasons to call your best clients to ask them this question: "Why did you buy from us?"

1. Stop Flying Blind

Your clients will tell you what it was about your marketing and sales process that made them write you a check. You will then know exactly what's working in your marketing mix (so you can do more of it) and what's not working (so you can change or stop doing it.)

In other words, you can stop flying blind in your marketing and start honing in on exactly what works. 

2. Start Speaking Their Language

Clients will tell you what sold them in their own, jargon-free, consumer-friendly words. You can then mimic them in your marketing materials so that you -- literally -- speak your customers' language.

How much more effective will your sales letters, web pages, and phone scripts be when they are written in the same words your clients use? A LOT.

Actually, there are way more than two reasons to call clients, but I don't want to blow your circuits here. You have more than enough work for one afternoon this week if you make 10-20 phone calls for the two reasons above.

Bottom line: Your clients are the world's best board of advisers.

Instead of empty theory or irrelevant ideas, they can give you the most valuable, practical advice -- because they have already given you their hard-earned money.

When you ask for their feedback -- and act on it -- you can't help but get more clients like your best clients, faster.

This is what "Client Cloning Systems" are all about.

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