Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleeper Cells in Your Business?

Fact: Some customers will stop buying from your business. They may die or move away, or get married/divorced/laid off and go through tremendous life changes. You can’t do much about those people.

But some of your customers do dormant for less-permanent reasons. They may get busy at work or helping their children. They may become ill. Or they may just forget about you.

There's a wealth of opportunity for you in this second group of dormant customers.

Just contact these "sleeper cells" of inactive clients -- by phone, fax, letter, or e-mail -- and make them a special offer that compels them to buy from you again. Say or write something like this:

Dear First Name,

We’ve missed you lately, but perhaps you’ve been busy with other things. That’s understandable! In any case, because we value your patronage (and because we know you appreciate fine widgets/gadgets/whatever), we’d like to tell you about a terrific new shipment that just arrived. (Describe your product or service here.)

As an existing customer, we’d like to offer you the chance to preview this new widget/gadget/whatever before anyone else. So, please give us a call before June 24 to schedule a free examination. Or, just bring this letter by the store. And, as an existing customer, you will enjoy a 10% discount on anything in our store between now and June 24. It’s our way of saying ‘welcome back!’

You can expect to increase sales 10%, 20%, 30%, or more, simply by reactivating your dormant customer base -- your sleeper cells.

This is literally "found money," with the highest possible profit margins, because you're selling to people you already sweated and worked to bring in the door as paying customers before.

Note: If you'd like me to write a letter like the one above for you, please click here to see if you qualify.

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