Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to Make Your Business Exceptional for the Price of a Stamp

Is your business exceptional?

Start by looking at your client service. Exceptional service is rare. (Can you name the last 3 businesses that delighted you? I rest my case.)

Companies like Nordstrom and L.L. Bean enjoy millions of dollars in extra sales at no cost, because their customers refer friends and family. Ask yourself, "Would I really enjoy doing business with me?" If the answer is anything other than a loud YES, you have work to do.

Well, a few days ago, a local business did something exceptional for me.

Kathleen and Mark, the nice folks at All Mechanical Services, mailed me the thank-you letter below.

It's no surprise that All Mechanical Services ranks highly on Angie's List, where I found them.

Not only did they do great work at a fair price, they exceeded my expectations with their follow-up letter.

How much did it cost them? About 2-3 minutes and a 44-cent stamp.

Yet, I'm telling everyone I know about them. And I'm blogging about them here. Which will give them a very, very high ROI on those 44 cents.

Question: Do you mail thank-you notes to your clients?

If not, why not? 

In a world of sloppy, slovenly service, there's no other way I know to make your business exceptional faster than saying "Thank you" by mail to your customers.

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