Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Copywriting Case Study: Small Business Marketing Success

Last week, I wrote about the small business owner who got noticed at a networking event by telling listeners exactly how to use her. To recap:
Instead of saying, "I'm a portrait artist, specializing in caricatures," she said: "A great way to use me is at parties, corporate events, or to attract a crowd at your trade show booth when I draw pictures of people."
And that got me thinking. I realized that I ought to follow my own advice ...

... and tell you exactly how to use me, if you ever need
  • more clients, 
  • more sales, and 
  • more referrals.
Would any of those interest you?

If so, here's a story from someone who used me, with 3 takeaways to boost profits for your business ...

Dear Kevin:

I am so grateful you came into our lives. I have been thinking of how our business has changed for the better and here are my thoughts ..

You wrote our “20-year anniversary” sales letter of appreciation -- this resulted in 50+ service calls. Nothing could be finer!!!

Takeaway #1: How often do you send special offers to inactive clients -- people who haven't bought from you recently? If you can't remember the last time, it may be time to send them a "client reactivation" letter, like the one I wrote that delivered 50+ phone calls.

Your inactive clients are like a chest full of gold pieces. Let me explain ...

If it costs you $100 to acquire a client and you have 250 clients who haven't bought from you in 6-12 months, you're sitting on an inactive client list worth $25,000. You owe it to yourself to recoup some of that "sunk cost" by marketing to them again.

You helped us develop a sales script. Priceless! My conversion rate on price-shopping Dex callers has improved significantly. You showed me how to promote our special features -- attentiveness, humor, no-surprise pricing, no fee to diagnose, rock star technician, Angie’s List awards, etc. -- and make the customer call me back, most often humbly, because no better deal or promise of honest, competent service could be found!

Takeaway #2: Do you have a sales script? It includes a list of the most-common questions you get from prospects, and your best answers.

If not, I can write one for you, in your own words. A good sales script can boost your revenue faster than almost anything else. Because, when you always say the right thing, you convert more prospects into paying clients.

We added a late-night/weekend surcharge at your recommendation. We had 4 service calls yesterday, 3 of them after 7 pm. The extra bling from OT is most appreciated. Thank you for making us take a hard look at our fees. An increase was long overdue!

Takeaway #3: When was the last time you raised your prices? You may be surprised that nobody notices but you. Especially if you really extend yourself with late-night or rush service. The only way to find out is to test higher prices for a few days or weeks.

(Note: I don't charge to consult on pricing strategy -- it's part of every project I do for people who use me to expand their business with my copywriting services).

You constantly call us or email information that may help out. You are a pit bull advocate for your clients and don't ignore us once the check is cashed! You stick like glue and keep us on our A game.

I can't thank you enough for sharing and stressing the simple strategies that REALLY WORK yet maintain the integrity and personality of our business!!!

-- Kathleen Brogan, Co-Owner/Manager, All Mechanical Services, Richfield, Minnesota
The only thing I can say to that is, THANK YOU, Kathleen.

(More ideas like these in my Free Report, Guaranteed Marketing for Service Business Owners.)

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  1. Great post Kevin!
    I love to hear these kind of specific a-ha's from clients, even those who are not mine :-)
    Kudo's my friend!