Friday, March 11, 2011

Want My Business? Tell Me How to Use You

At a networking event two days ago, one business owner did something very smart.

Instead of telling the group what she did, she told us how to use her.

Instead of saying, "I'm a portrait artist, specializing in caricatures," she said: "A great way to use me is at parties, corporate events, or to attract a crowd at your trade show booth when I draw pictures of people."

Wow. Heads began nodding in agreement among the roomful of potential clients for her service.

Unlike, say, mimes or clowns, nobody doesn't like caricature artists.

Think of it: While everyone else is handing out pamphlets or brochures at a trade show ... you could be handing out personalized portraits, drawn while prospects wait in line (where you have a chance to chat them up and soft-sell your company).

Now. What other uses can you see for this "Tell me how to use you" style of networking pitch?

Let's try an accountant.

Instead of, "I provide full-service bookkeeping and accounting" (YAWN) ...

... you could say, "A good way to use me is to free up your time and energy for money-making activities while I take care of reconciling your daily receipts and other drudgery" (YAY).

Get the idea?

Instead of telling people what you do, and hoping they will figure out a way to use your services ...

... cut to the chase. Tell people exactly how to use you, what it looks like, and the benefits they'll enjoy by doing so.

The easier you make it for people to see the benefits of using your service, they faster they will buy your service.

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