Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4 Marketing Secrets of the Chocolate Bounceback Offer

You're looking at a clever little lid-top ad from Caribou Coffee, which I snapped a picture of this morning.

How clever is it?

Let me count the ways ...

1) Perfect Timing
It hits me at the happiest moment, before I've had my first sip of java, and offers a discount on more java.

2) Efficiency
It uses previously wasted real estate to deliver a marketing message to 100% of intended recipients ... for pennies to print and zero postage.

3) Perfect Pitch
The offer combines two swell ideas, chocolate and happy hour, to form a new one: Chocolate Happy Hour ... for 3 bucks. What's not to love?

4) Zero Acquisition Cost
Offering a special price to people who already like Caribou -- their current customers -- is a profitable way to get more people back in the store at the otherwise-slow time of 3-6 p.m. This kind of "bounceback" offer ought to be in every marketer's tool box.

Now. How can you adapt Caribou's Chocolate Happy Hour promotion to your business?

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