Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank-You Marketing: Ice Breaker and Deal Maker?

I spoke by phone yesterday with a prospect about giving a marketing presentation to his sales force.

Prior to calling, I mailed him the card below, with a hand-written message inside thanking him for agreeing to speak with me ...

When I called, he said, "I've got your thank-you card here on my desk!" Ice broken. Smooth sailing. And we set a date in May for me to speak to his group.


Did my humorous, pre-call thank-you note make the sale?

No. I had to research my prospect, offer a solution that met his needs, and ask him to book me as a speaker.

Did my humorous, pre-call thank-you note make the prospect smile?

Yes. And by making him smile -- laugh, even -- before our phone call, I ensured that he would be in a good mood and receptive to my message. Which paved the way for a sale.

Food for thought.

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