Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 Ways to Get More Clients

There are really only two ways to get more clients for your business:
  1. promote your business more (spend more money on advertising, more time networking, etc.) or
  2. promote your business better.
Let's look at that second option.

Because when you promote your business better, you turn more prospects into clients with the same time and money you’re already spending. Which is a good thing.

Two of the easiest ways to promote your business better are ...

1) Stop writing web pages. Start writing sales pages.

It may not be 1996, but most web sites are still brochureware. And that won't cut it.

Instead, write or rewrite the pages on your web site, to create sales pages. Your goal? Compel more people to order or contact you for an appointment.

Tip: Unless you’re making a specific offer to visitors and telling them to click the order button or pick up the phone and call you, your web site is under-performing.

Another tip: Use an analytics program, like Google Website Optimizer, to continually improve your web pages, by testing two or more versions against each other to determine a winner. Then test again. And again. Never stop testing and you'll never stop improving your conversions.

2) Stop ignoring prospects. Start following up with them.

Want more sales?

Do this: Write a 3-part series of follow-up emails or letters and send them to every qualified prospect who contacts your business. I've never seen this NOT increase sales for a small business -- often by 50% or more.

Why does it work?

Because people are busier than ever. So, when you touch prospects at least 3 times with a message that they want to hear, they will listen to you, put a higher value on you than your competitors, and buy from you more often.

Writing sales letters and follow-up campaigns are two of the ways I make more money for my clients, but you can try this yourself, if you're willing to invest the time and effort to master marketing.

(More ideas like these in my Free Report, Guaranteed Marketing for Service Business Owners.)

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