Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brilliant Cross-Selling Idea For Any Service Business

Here's a neat trick, courtesy of Green Horizons, the company that cuts my grass every week.

When filling out their order form for my annual contract, I noticed the two options (circled in red) for window cleaning and house cleaning (click to expand) ...

Green Horizons knows that, if their clients are too busy to cut their lawn, they're probably too busy to wash windows and clean toilets, as well.

So Green Horizons partnered with two other companies -- Squeegee Bob's and Cleaning Patrol (cool names!) -- to offer those services at a discount to their own clients.

Very smart.

And Green Horizons knows that the best time to cross-sell additional, related services is when your client has their wallet out. So they make this offer right on the order form.

Double smart.

As Dan Kennedy once said, "A buyer in motion is a buyer in motion." When your client is in the act of buying, ride that momentum. Offer every additional product or service you can to help your client enjoy the full benefit of doing business with you ...

... up to and including the services and products of strategic partners you trust. Whether or not you negotiate a revenue-sharing deal with partners is up to you. 

Look at it this way: Somebody is going to get that revenue for those extra services and products. It might as well be you.

Action Steps:

1) Look at your order form.
Does it offer additional products or services to help your clients? If not, add one upsell this week. Today would be better.

2) Look at your clients.
Are they a perfect match for additional products or services that you can provide? Example: clients of a lawn care firm are natural fits house cleaning, window cleaning, errand running, nannying, tutoring, dog walking, etc.

Make a list. Then, start giving your clients more of what they need, either from your own company or from a strategic partner's.

(More ideas like these in my Free Report, Guaranteed Marketing for Service Business Owners.)

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