Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is This The World's Best Investment?

If someone urged you to buy a stock that could appreciate in value by 1,000% or more in less than 10 days, you'd say, "Thanks, Bernie Madoff. Aren't you supposed to be in jail?"

Yet, there is an investment that can pay you pack $10 or more for every $1 you invest, often in as little as 10 days.

It's entirely legal, ethical, and you can limit any losses by starting small and rolling out big later.

What is this investment?

It's marketing to your own clients.

Here's an example, below ...

The screen capture above shows part of an email promotion that pulled in $10.52 for every $1 my client paid me to write it.

I can't reveal total revenue, but she made a comfortable four figures on this promotion. (How much could you make? You can do your own math ....)


Why does marketing to your clients work so well?

Think about it: There's no easier sale to make than to people who have bought before. Your current clients know you, so you're not a stranger.

And -- if you performed well -- your clients trust you. That's a big deal. Because trust is everything in today's economy. (Just ask the people who invested with Bernie Madoff.)

So ... if you want to get in on the safe, legal investment that can pay you back 1,000%, or more, start marketing better and more often to your current clients.

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